It's true: You can have the mom life you've always dreamed of - with balance, less stress, and abundant happiness. Let me show you how.

Hi there! I’m Carin Kilby Clark, creator of The Mommyhood Mentor.

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I'm here to help you…

- create balance

- commit to your well-being

- reduce parental stress

- leave mommy guilt behind for good

- be confident in your parenting choices

- live without parental judgement & jealousy

and more!

What exactly is a Mommyhood Mentor anyway?

As your Mommyhood Mentor, I will show you what has successfully helped me to create my happiest motherhood experience, and support you on your path to do the same.

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mommyhood advice…

Should You Spy On Your Teenager?

Should You Spy On Your Teenager?

To snoop or not to snoop… that is the question every parent asks themselves at some point during the child rearing years. Is it wrong to look through their phone? Am I being paranoid for checking their room? Will I destroy our trust by invading their privacy? I wish I had an answer for you. […]

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Reader Q&A: Do You Have a Bad Child or Are You a Bad Mom?

This post is in response to a reader question. If you’d like to submit a question for possible inclusion in a future post, please email me. The Q What I would love to know is how to continue to feel good about yourself as a mom when you get 3, 4, 5 email/calls in a […]


Why My Divorce was Positive for My Kids

When my first husband and I separated for the second, and final, time my oldest son was just 7-years-old. My daughter was too young to remember (being 15 months at the time) and this was long before my younger son came along. Our relationship hovered in a state of unrest for two years until we […]

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Teens and Social Media: How to Monitor Your Child’s Activity

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google+, LinkedIn, and more, social networking sites have become a part of our everyday lives. While I welcome social media and the way it connects us to the people in our lives, children should not be given free rein on social networks. It is important for you, as a parent, […]